A bit of history:

I have been dieting since 1964. I was all of 4 years old. I remember clearly looking down at my rubber boots, the ones you could slip your foot into shoe and all, telling a friend about my latest diet. She expressed her shock and surprise. Well she was not a fatty so why would she consider dieting.

My story is pretty much like most serial dieters: gaining and losing weight, anorexia, in my case a failed bulimic, exercising like mad, but one day it caught up to me and nothing worked.

At 52 years old I was in great shape. To do that I worked a lot, 10-16 hours a day 7 days a week. I also worked out  from 1 to 4 hours a day, and was eating well. I travelled 7-10 months a year teaching.

In 2012 a series of mishaps occurred. I had an asthma attack that landed me in hospital. At the same time I overstretched a tendon of my middle finger. The end of my finger was dangling at the most distal knuckle. The finger and asthma were looked after and off I went.

A week later I was in Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong. If you have ever been there they have some nice hills to walk and run on. I had a pair of Nike barefoot technology runners and would go out at 5am for a run. I began to feel a twinge in my hip. I kept pushing. I am, after all,  the quintessential extremist.

A month later I land in Hawaii. A friend of mine and I go for a long, much needed, hike. My hip was hurting but exercise was paramount after all the flights and workshops. We walked and walked.  We get to our destination. The pain in my leg was so intense I could not stand, norwalk and sitting was a problem too.

Since then I have seen a ton of practitioners from energy workers to physiotherapy to MD’s. Some things have helped but nothing has resolved the problem. Nor do I have a diagnosis. Oh except for one doctor who gave me a slap on the foot and said in an east Indian accent: “You too strong. You stop exercise. Only 20 minutes 3 times a week. ” The doctor watched me get off the table and promptly fall on the floor as my leg gave way. She did not seem perturbed. Curious. Maybe I just needed rest.

In the mean time menopause set in. I was putting weight on fast. I could lose some then it came right back on with any stress. My brain was also fogging up. I had lead, arsenic, and antimony poisoning. A long road to get the lead out! But that cleared up a lot in the brain. Though the nervous system was certainly stressed.

Now my hormones were totally out of whack and I could not keep any weight off.

In addition to all of this the pain in one leg had gone to both legs and I could no longer walk. Well I cannot walk is more accurate.

As I sit here writing I can feel the faint hum of vibrations of pain running down my legs. Sometimes the pain shoots out in different directions. Sometimes I want to pass out from the agony. At other times I can actually organize my home and office then go down the stairs to do laundry. That may be after days and days of not moving or after a BodyTalk sessions. If I have physiotherapy, massage, or movement I am out for a day or two.

NO CARBS: Oh Me Oh My Oh!

I have been mostly vegetarian.  15 Days ago I went no carbs. This is where this journey begins. It is a strange diet. My doctor does not want me on it. I am trying it anyway.


Here is a summary of some of my Symptoms:

Traveling leg pain

Inability to walk


IBS: Bloating, pain, anything I eat bloats me, and if I do not eat I bloat.

TONS of Flatulence. I could run a small city.

Eczema on my head/very itchy scalp

Swollen gums

Itchy Skin

Nail Ridges

Very dry feet

Right leg is contorted.

Right foot is supinated – to be comfortable the big toe is about 1″ off the ground.

I cannot cross my legs-whether sitting on a chair, floor or  laying down

Muscle weakness: drop things



Inner shakiness

Exhaust easily

I cannot keep my eyes open after 9am

Difficulty rising in the morning.

2 months ago found a leg exercise that I could actually do. I have been doing them 5-7 times a week but not very well.


Results after NO CARBS:

I experienced dizziness, more pain, nausea. I noticed I was not having enough water or fat. I upped my fat and H2O intake. The dizziness and nausea went. My body was not feeling right. It was sluggish. I felt as though I was on an all pizza diet not a no carb diet.

1- I can stay up till 10pm.

2-I get up groggy but can get up at 7am ( I have always been a morning person. 4am used to be my wake up time. I miss those days.)

3- It took me about 30 minutes to clear my head instead of 3 hours.

4- I was able to work for 7 days. (not that this is a goal but it was necessary to finish some tasks)

5-On day 4 of no carbs I went grocery shopping . I did not need a cane nor the carriage to hold. I was almost running. I was able to carry bags into the house.

6-Starting day 6 the pain came back with a vengeance. I feel as though it is worse than ever though that is unlikely.

7-Flatulence only once since starting.

8- Heart started to beat harder in my chest. Some fluttering.


Monday the 16th I made the decision to eat only:

Red meat




Coffee (1-3 cups per day depending on my work load. )

Day 1: Monday the 16th of July 2018

1- More power in my exercises.

2-13 hour work day

3- Went to bed at 11:30PM (unheard of unless I have slept during the day)

4- Head brain was clearer.

5-Less wandering thoughts.


7-no flatulence

8-Strong heart flutters and beats

DAY 2 Tuesday the 17th of July 2018

1-Hard to get up but the brain fog adjusted quickly.

2-Not hungry.

3-Drank coffee with butter in the morning.

4-Exercises even more powerful. Big surprise as usually I weaken when I do them 2 days in a row.

5-Worked straight till 3pm and had a small bowl of minced meat with fat added. Gave me more energy to work.

6-The eczema on my head was not itchy. It seems to have dried up a lot.

7-My skin is not itchy.

8- At 6:30pm I finished work and went to heat up the minced meat. My partner said I made steak. I have not eaten steak since the 60’s. My parents cooked it to the constitution of a leather sole. I hated it. I tried a bite in the 80’s and spit it out. Last night I said I would try it. I ate a bite prepared to chuck it out. The complete antithesis occurred. I ate the piece and consumed the rest of the steak, fat and all!

9- Soon after the steak consumption my bowel began to move. It hurt. I voided. I knew it was not the steak coming out. It had to be Sunday’s meal. I did not have carbs but I was having mayo, chicken, and small quantities of cheese. Once empty I could not even feel the steak! That huge chunk of meat had no weight!! I do not get it. The only explanation is the video by Dr. Shawn Baker. He mentions that our bodies use all of the meat and fat. Unlike carbs that putrefy in the colon. So maybe what came out of me was really old.

10- Again I stay up till 11PM. I even get on the computer to do some work. My brain was alive. I felt alive for the first time in 5 years!

11- No heart flutter. No weird beating of my heart.

DAY 3: Wednesday July 18, 2018

1-Did exercises again this morning and felt strong. I was able to do them well.

2- Pain still there and some irritation from 7am to 8am.

3- Due to constant exhaustion getting ready for work is difficult. I now only work at home. That way I can start working and once my body is ready I can shower.Today I was able to organize the kitchen, bedroom, breakfast, and take my shower. Today I had to make a video and was stressed about being able to get everything ready. I was at the computer posting by 8:30am.

4- I should also add that I do BodyTalk Access Daily. A series of techniques. They reduce pain, clear my head, and get my day started. If I do not do these techniques I function at about 35% diminished capacity than when I do the techniques.

5- My head it itchier today but the eczema sores have decreased by about 75% and it is only DAY 3!!!! Now just the scalp is tight and itchy.

6- I have been at the computer since 8:30am. It is not 1:53PM. My head is still clear. I feel only minutes have gone by. Usually at 2pm I am ready to fall asleep, I wonder how I will do my work, I dream of sleep. Today none of that. I need a little movement, some water and I will return to my work.


Diary to be continued at my leisure.









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