Day 16: My Experiment

Day 16: July 31st , 2018 I am feeling tired this morning. I haven’t been this active for so many consecutive days since 2013. I am monitoring how much activity and how much rest I need. Much like Goldilocks if I rest or move too much or too little the pain worsens. I have been […]

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Day 15: My Experiment

  Monday July 30, 2018 Day 15: My Experiment Yesterday I had stable energy. I did my leg exercises with power and control. I also pulled out my TRX and used that to help me squat at 90 degree angles. Did about 10 of those through out the day. Woke today exhausted and in pain. […]

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Day 14: My experiment

Sunday the 29th of July 2018 It is day 14. I woke up in the night and could not sleep. Sleeplessness was not due to pain nor any apparent malady. It was just one of those night where one wakes up and cannot sleep but nothing is going on. No thinking, no agitation nothing. I […]

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Day 13: My Meat Experiment

Day 13 of my meat experiment. The photo is of the bees in my yard. I watch them from the deck but today I could get down the stairs and take a photo:-) I attended a wake Thursday evening (Day 11 of my experiment). My legs were in pain, stiff, I was shaky and certainly […]

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My Experiment: Day 12

Nothing much new to report today. Holding my own. Feeling very emotional. Had a good night’s sleep. Moving better this morning. My abs and pelvic floor feel more alive. Brain still working but continue to overwhelm – not as easily though. I wish I did not have to wear shoes. Much easier to walk without […]

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My Experiment: Day 11

A bit weaker this morning but once I had my meat breakfast my energy lifted. Hard time walking in the first hours but slowly I had more movement. I am still unsure whether there is improvement or this is a normal upswing. Brain continues to function a lot better and for longer periods in the […]

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Day 10: My Experiment

July 25th 2018 Day 10 of my Experiment. -Photo by noupload on pixabay Today there is a stabilization of energy and mental clarity. Up at 6AM. Pain steady at 8-9/10 when upright. 2-3/10 when seated. 4-5 when laying down. Good sleep last night, woke about every hour and fell right back to sleep. Liquid stool. […]

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My Experiment: Day 8

This isn’t such a great day. I feel some brain fog and have been in a lot of pain. I had to have my morning coffee. I will try not to have another today. My brain is in overwhelm. I cannot think as clearly as the first 7 days. I am considering that the increase […]

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My Experiment: Day 7

Last night was rough. I woke often to pain all over my legs. Front, back, inner thigh, outer thigh, IT band, back of knees, below the knee. I had several muscle contractions/charlie horse in both lower legs. Started in the Peroneus Longus, Brevis and into the Extensor Digitorum Longus bilaterally. I in a bit of […]

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