Day 16: My Experiment

Day 16: July 31st , 2018

I am feeling tired this morning. I haven’t been this active for so many consecutive days since 2013. I am monitoring how much activity and how much rest I need.

Much like Goldilocks if I rest or move too much or too little the pain worsens. I have been passing by my TRX hanging off a door and  stopping to squat. That did it for last night, legs were miserable.  Of course the gain is that as I sit here I feel more flexible and energy continues to move in my legs.

Also the spot that has been numb on my thigh since 1976 has decreased and remained consistent. My energy is definitely consistent. I can stay up later. The earliest I have gone to bed since starting all meat is 10PM. Before that it was the latest I stayed up.

My belly is tightening, the core feels alive again, and my Kegels are strengthening.

Weight loss is the added benefit to eating only meat.

A disadvantage is a bit of the gag reflex and nausea if I eat too much. I still get queasy at the sight of blood. For goodness sake, maybe that needs to be addressed in BodyTalk? Have to eat it in small bites, slowly, and make sure I do not have one drop too much. I realize it is better to eat more often and in smaller quantities. Then I can enjoy it.

Here’s to all of us that are healing. I dedicate my healing to all of you today.


Day 15: My Experiment


Monday July 30, 2018

Day 15: My Experiment

Yesterday I had stable energy. I did my leg exercises with power and control.

I also pulled out my TRX and used that to help me squat at 90 degree angles. Did about 10 of those through out the day.

Woke today exhausted and in pain. Hoping it is a symptom of the few squats and extra leg reps.

I am going to leave my body be today and just do some relaxing work.

Have a great Monday everyone.


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Day 14: My experiment

Sunday the 29th of July 2018

It is day 14. I woke up in the night and could not sleep. Sleeplessness was not due to pain nor any apparent malady. It was just one of those night where one wakes up and cannot sleep but nothing is going on. No thinking, no agitation nothing. I wanted to get up and start writing but my partner could not sleep either. I will let your imagination run wild.

Despite not sleeping much I am fully awake. My brain remains stable, though I can overwhelm easily.  I use what ever energy my brain allows and no more. Sometimes I cannot re-read what I write. My mind blurs. Hence you will notice I may miss deleting a non-sensical sentence. I can feel my brain tiring now. I have been on the computer 1.5 hours. Before the experiment I would have to sleep all day after doing an hour’s work on a Sunday.

Pain about 45%.

A side note: Yesterday at 1:30PM my legs became stiff and in pain. They did not release till about 3:30AM. I also had cramps during the night and took magnesium.

Going to try and squat today. Wish me luck!




Day 13: My Meat Experiment

Day 13 of my meat experiment.

The photo is of the bees in my yard. I watch them from the deck but today I could get down the stairs and take a photo:-)

I attended a wake Thursday evening (Day 11 of my experiment). My legs were in pain, stiff, I was shaky and certainly felt like an old woman.

I had no idea if I could make it to the funeral the next morning but I was going to show up at the church.

Friday: Day 12.

Woke early and worked till 10:30AM

Swung by my Mum’s to pick her up.

These little details may seem simple to most. For me, 13 days ago, the thought of working, getting dressed for an event, then actually picking someone up, then going to the event. parking and walking in to the event, talk to people, stand/stand/sit/stand/sit, was as impossible as climbing the Himalayas. The pain would result in shaking, my legs would be in pain and the thighs numb at the same time

I often screech when I talk. The pain causing me to force any energy to speak. Often others thought I was yelling at them.

I got to the church. I stood, sat, stood, sat as we do in our religious rituals. I was not too bad. I then sat and walked around talking to many people. We went to a restaurant. I was walking, no cane!!!!! I sat and the usual pain then this weird feeling that I have no legs WAS GONE!

I stood outside talking to a few people. I stood for about 12-15 minutes. I noticed I was able to continue. I was walking a bit funny and unsure on my legs but no where near the usual pain.

Then I noticed something I think I have not mentioned to you all. I have a numb spot on my right thigh that never goes away. When I stand and the pain increases the right  goes numb then the the left. The vasti all go completely numb. It is so strange to be in pain and numb at the same time.

In any case, I was standing outside and I noticed my leg did not go numb.

Also note I left the house at 10:30AM and it was now about 2PM. We began to drive home and I actually went into my Mum’s house to hang with her a bit then she drove me home.

I got in and SAT DOWN. Please note by 3pm most days in the last years I am ready to LAY down. It was about 7PM and I was sitting! I put my hand on my thigh were the usual numbness was. It was gone! The numbness has decreased about 35%. A little deeper in the tissue I could feel the numbness. I stayed up till 10:30PM. A long day.

I slept well and got up late 8:30AM. What a great rest. I felt wonderful this morning. I went grocery shopping. Came back fixed the house for guests. Got some vitamin D.

My legs hurt sitting here. I have done so much more in 3 days than I have done in years. I figure my legs are allowed some unwinding time.

Another thing that is happening is my skin is smoothing out, on my face, legs, and abdomen. A nice touch. I think it is time to do the lumps, bumps and bulges group BodyTalk Series and another on Beauty. Vanity thy name is woman. I ain’t gonna fight it.

Love to all of you and your support.


My Experiment: Day 12

Nothing much new to report today.

Holding my own. Feeling very emotional. Had a good night’s sleep.

Moving better this morning. My abs and pelvic floor feel more alive. Brain still working but continue to overwhelm – not as easily though.

I wish I did not have to wear shoes. Much easier to walk without shoes. I wear flip flops often which are terrible but anything else is unbearable. Except winter boots that are a size too big. Those work well, but it is too hot now for those.

have a good day everyone. If you are on all meat to heal I would love to hear your progress or send me your blog, website etc.

love to all.



My Experiment: Day 11

A bit weaker this morning but once I had my meat breakfast my energy lifted.

Hard time walking in the first hours but slowly I had more movement. I am still unsure whether there is improvement or this is a normal upswing.

Brain continues to function a lot better and for longer periods in the day. I continue to take time to rest after a work day.

Treatments I have not mentioned in the last 11 days:

BodyTalk from Angie Tourani in Hong Kong

BodyTalk from Britt Borjeson in Malaysia

Head and foot energy work, manual therapy, and Reiki from Barbara Matuzynska.

Sessions I mentioned:

Reiki Distance: Zutta Codjoe

Reiki Self Treatments

BodyTalk Access Daily.


Going to be giving Reiki Initiations this afternoon. I look forward to seeing the impact of those.

Some of you have been asking if I am still working. Yes I am. I actually am much healthier than I have been in the past despite what I continue to experience. Walking is difficult but my brain and enjoyment of life continues.

Also all of this began with some injuries and 2 years into this I found out I had metals poisoning.  That was the worst period of all. I had moments I could not even lift myself off of the bed despite trying. I remember being in Brasil during a lunch hour. I went to take a lay down and could not get myself off the bed. It was the same every day. I would use my arms to lift and my head would flop forward. I would fall onto the bed and feel the energy fading from my body. I am a willful individual so I pushed until I could stand then drank coffee.

Many of you have been making recommendations- I thank you kindly. I cannot answer all of you but if there is something I have not heard of I will try it at the end of the 30 days. Of course one thing at a time when it comes to food.

I have given up all supplements and at the minute would like my body to be completely supplement free. I have been pumped with supplements, food additions and digestives, tons of ACV and so forth.

If there is something I have not tried I will but supplements not till next year. Food I will add one at a time at the end of 30 days and see what happens. If I have a relapse I will clean out again for 30 days.

I thank you all for your help.  I am interested in what you have to say, your experience and suggestions. I think this is why I started this blog.

My Mum started looking into healthy alternatives in the 60’s. We grew up on wheat germ, ACV, sprouting, lentils, homemade yogurt, Kefir, you name it – what ever was available in the 60’s Mum was on it and we continued throughout our lives.  We were the weirdo hippies of the neighbourhood. I was off meat at a young age. I just did not like it. Today I understand that it is highly likely I had a micro-biome problem from an early age. My choices of food appeared healthy but might not have been the best for my body.






Day 10: My Experiment

July 25th 2018 Day 10 of my Experiment.

-Photo by noupload on pixabay

Today there is a stabilization of energy and mental clarity.

Up at 6AM.

Pain steady at 8-9/10 when upright. 2-3/10 when seated. 4-5 when laying down.

Good sleep last night, woke about every hour and fell right back to sleep.

Liquid stool.

Lungs doing very well.

Ate very little minced meat with some butter.

1 coffee


I used CBD pomade on my legs today.

Generally I feel I have stabilized, last week was extreme high energy, this week I have been taking naps. I slept 2 hours in the afternoon. After sleeping in the afternoon the pain goes down to 5-7/10 whilst walking.

Significant decrease in visceral fat about 1-2″

Update at 13:41PM EST

Energy levels have clearly stabilized.

Lots of sinus and throat issues. Scratchy throat, sneezing (sneezed 3 times whilst writing this and now have a super scratchy throat).

More movement in my pelvic basin.

Lower back more flexible.

I can also stand up and walk a bit.

This blog/diary will be a great attestation to whether there is improvement or this is a pattern.  Fingers crossed!




My Experiment: Day 9 Water Please

Yesterday was rough.

This morning woke up nauseous.

My heart beating a bit hard.

Head heavy and tired.

Only 1 cup of coffee yesterday.

Liquid bowel this morning.

Now 9:33AM and feel a lot better.

Legs still in pain when I walk.  Less pain whilst seated and laying down.  Hence the night was a bit better than the night before.

Have not had meat yet. 500ML H2O, 1 coffee, teaspoon butter. Cannot get anything else into my body except water.

My brain is a bit foggy. I am hoping that it is a toxin release.

Even though I do not feel the energy and strength from last week I continue to be improved from the week before. Seems to me a normal downswing.





My Experiment: Day 8

This isn’t such a great day. I feel some brain fog and have been in a lot of pain.

I had to have my morning coffee. I will try not to have another today.

My brain is in overwhelm. I cannot think as clearly as the first 7 days. I am considering that the increase in energy was so exciting that I over did it. I was suspect that I need to learn to manage my energy levels and now need to rest to come back to normal levels.

Also I may not be eating adequate amounts of meat and fat.

I did notice I was not adding enough salt.  That helped a lot to add a few sprinkles of salt.

I also increased computer time significantly. Let’s say about  6 more hours a day this past work week. That has a huge impact on my energy.

As you might tell I am a bit confused today.


My Experiment: Day 7

Last night was rough. I woke often to pain all over my legs. Front, back, inner thigh, outer thigh, IT band, back of knees, below the knee.

I had several muscle contractions/charlie horse in both lower legs. Started in the Peroneus Longus, Brevis and into the Extensor Digitorum Longus bilaterally.

I in a bit of confusion I took too much magnesium. It has helped though am off to the washroom a lot. I also added 3 drops of minerals to the magnesium. My first supplement to the diet.

The pain is back to old levels since yesterday morning: 8-9 on 10 when I stand or try to walk.

My energy is still good. The intensity of pain yesterday, overnight, and this morning has led  to mental confusion and overwhelm. I am not as bright today as I was during the week.

Also I notice my legs are not inflamed despite all the pain they have gone through. I still feel energy in my legs whereas before the diet I felt no energy movement.

Also numbness in my thigh is reduced by 80%.