Monday June 4, 2018

The Devil  XV

The Devil or Lucifer offers you the light. When you avoid the light you then make a bargain with the Devil. You are volitionally blind and you know that cannot be good.
Today watch for the signs, the devil is vying for your attention.
Do you blame others? Do you feel you know best? Does your suffering usurp the suffering of another?  Does your self-righteous indignation blind you to other perspectives? Do you know how others should behave?  Do you think you are right and others are wrong?
If you answer yes to any of these questions, the Devil has got you.
If you ask:
How am I responsible?
Am I having a thought or a feeling?
Would I choose the other’s suffering or my own?
Have I sat in the shoes of another?
Do I listen to others or assume?
How is my behaviour resentful and manipulative?
Is being right more important than seeking the truth?
Then you are facing the Devil. He will bring you the light.
Misunderstandings are the Devil’s playground. He feeds off your ignorance, volitional blindness, and fear. It takes courage to dance to the beat of your own drum, to relinquish the good and bad, right and wrong game, and live your own life. Your challenge today is to either turn a blind eye to yourself or face your demons.

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