Soul Responsibility

Soul Responsibility

Do you know what blocks you?

Do you blame and victimize yourself?

Is your struggle in vain?

Do you sabotage yourself?


This course is designed to support freeing yourself from your chains. The Stories you tell yourself over and over sabotage you, your life and often those around you. To free yourself ,your ability to respond is your sole responsibility. Radically taking responsibility will ultimately free you from your past and your Stories.

This course is a radical way to take responsibility for your life. As long as you are committed to yourself this course is for you.

Please note the facilitator reserves the right to select those students ready for this work.

Testimonial from Monika:

“This work is mind blowing.  Everything changed in less than 1 hour. I had a client call me to book, my interaction with people has shifted, my relationship status went from single to taken but the most important thing is that I  took responsibility and let go.
Thank you Terryann and for this amazing life changing work. “

Course Dates: July 6, 13, 20, 27, 2018

Course Time: 9AM EST – 10AM EST

Where:On Skype.

1-Due to the personal nature of this course attendance is limited.

2-Acceptance is based on the discretion of the Facilitator.


Please email:  with a brief paragraph on why you want to do this work? Whether you know exactly what we are doing you are drawn to sign up. Please note your replies are confidential.

For those who have taken this course in the past you can register immediately here:



Soul Responsibility

This course is a way to take responsibility, gain meaning in life, and move on from your limitations.




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