Montréal 2018

Sept 14: Free Public Talk

BreakThrough 1 Sept 15-16, 9am-5pm

BreakThrough 1 Practical: Sept 17, 9am-6pm


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Terryann’s Journey

The Gift of the Intellect  Esther Veltheim


Prisqua and Holly


Montreal Sept 2018


SEVEN STEPS From Becoming to Being

Change your life in 30 seconds!

The second I realised what I was projecting, I realised how I was living into it through every single little/big experience and with every single person that I interacted with. My life changed!  Within 30 seconds, I became a totally different person.  What a light bulb moment.

I realised that if you no long believe something about yourself, the world can no longer mirror it back to you!  How simple and uncomplicated.

How complicated and what hard work it is to live into a faulty belief system.  To always be in conflict with yourself and to have to be in conflict with everyone else on different levels.  It’s like an addiction – if it’s not there, dig for it, find it and if you cannot find it – make it up.  How crazy is that?

It seems the older and I thought, hopefully wiser I became, I learnt how to think differently, solve problems differently and live differently to before.  But on some level as I consciously lived into different belief systems, I now realise had to just find more clever ways to ignore, suppress or cope with this faulty belief system.  This required a lot of energy.  Every single moment was spent manifesting it – how I looked, how I interacted with people, what they said, what they didn’t say.  How they treated me, how they didn’t treat me.  How I worked, how I didn’t work.  How much money I did or didn’t have.  Every single thing was a mirror for this belief system.

I have been working with Energy Healing modalities for a long time and shifted a lot of baggage, but this particular Breakthrough session for me has been the most life changing and profound.

Two days later I went on holiday with my husband and his two children.  It was the best holiday I had ever experienced.  Holidays had always been a very tense time for me.  There were no other distractions, so the people on holiday with me had to be the mirrors.  I would look for any tiny weany little thing that was said or done to ensure that my faulty belief system stayed in place, but this time what a whole new experience.

What an adventure to start discovering what else there is hidden in the depths with the knowledge that at the end you do not discover the pain or the reason why it was set up in the first place, but the freedom to be free of it, because now it doesn’t matter why.  Now I can be free and be me.

My deepest thanks to Esther (whom I hope to meet very soon), Terryann who started me on my new most exciting journey and Dagmar who shone the light.




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