3 Group Sessions: Circulatory System

3 Group BodyTalk Sessions on the Circulatory System Starts tomorrow. Sign up now if you want to be part of these sessions Enjoy the reduced price of $45CDN High Blood Pressure Varicose veins Clots Virus Anemia/Iron And more. If you have any specific problems you want addressed related to the circulatory system you are welcome […]

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3 Group Sessions for your Teeth

Our amazing teeth have got to last a lifetime, with stand our vulnerabilities, maybe too much sugar or genetic weaknesses.Oral infections can affect our hearts.  We can been vulnerable to cavities.Our oral micro-biome should  be healthy and strong. What ever the case might BodyTalk supports our oral hygiene.   Join me for 3 online group […]

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Soul Responsibility

Soul Responsibility Do you know what blocks you? Do you blame and victimize yourself? Is your struggle in vain? Do you sabotage yourself?   This course is designed to support freeing yourself from your chains. The Stories you tell yourself over and over sabotage you, your life and often those around you. To free yourself […]

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May 19, 2018 2 of Staves Fire is up at bat today. Do you listen to your fire? What is your anger saying? Can you hear another? What does your creativity communicate to you? To listen you need to be silent. Even if there is a perpetual din, you must be silent. If your mind […]

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Queen of Water

Graciousness is the order of the day. As the Queen of Water rules the world of emotions she gracefully handles darker emotions such as resentment, jealousy, shame, and guilt. She takes care of what lays beneath the surface. Gently, gracefully she brings the hidden into the light for disinfecting. No matter what happens today, remember […]

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In Montréal

BreakThrough Montréal 2018 Sept 14: Free Public Talk BreakThrough 1 Sept 15-16, 9am-5pm BreakThrough 1 Practical: Sept 17, 9am-6pm   Download PDF here:  Montreal Sept 2018  Articles: Terryann’s Journey The Gift of the Intellect  Esther Veltheim Testimonials: Prisqua and Holly Ireland Testimonial: SEVEN STEPS From Becoming to Being Change your life in 30 seconds! The second I […]

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