APRIL 30th, 2018 at

5pm Eastern Time.

Update on our group money sessions.

Share your experiences.


Terryann will update the session.

A donation of any amount is appreciated. Click the button below to make your donation.


3  Group BodyTalk Sessions on Money

There are times in life when: Money is scarce. You find more money is going out than coming in. You feel unsupported by the universe. Ultimately a feeling of “lack”.  At the same time friends, family, acquaintances, and the media confirm your bias: “ I am lacking!”

Despite what ever you feel, there is more money coming at you than you can imagine.

Ready to shift your perspective on money?

3 BodyTalk sessions on Money for only $45CDN

Date, Time and Focus:

1-The New Moon March 17th, 2018 at 2:30PM: Focus on Anchoring abundance.

2- The Waxing Moon March 24th, 2018 at 1PM: Focus on breaking your limits to abundance.

3-  The Full Moon (Blue Moon March 31st at 1PM): Stability and preparation for the waning moon.

The cost is $45CDN for the series. 




3 Group BodyTalk Session

These sessions will focus on money, abundance, blocks to abundance and the universal laws.


(If you would like 3 personal session you may, the price is $475 plus applicable taxes.)

Email leurbanretreat@gmail.com and ask for BodyTalk Group Session on Money.

Or if you prefer private sessions.

Please note:

All sessions will be recorded and available for listening at a later time.

Once you register you will be given the details to sign onto Zoom and be part of our group experience.

Looking forward to working with you!


  1. Hi lovely , I’ve signed up 😊
    The PayPal is in james name but it’s meeee 😘
    Need to work out what time it will be or access recordings xxx


    1. Hey Deb, It is really easy. You do not even need to join. All you will do is follow the directions I send to you. Just register for the sessions via PayPal and the directions will come to you. xoxoxoxotea


      1. Thank you. It is such good timing for this. I have been living in lack lately. I dug out my Tony Robbins CDs. And have been taking action in a few new places. I sent a book I wrote to a publisher. 🤪. I was afraid to send.
        So yes I will do the 3 sessions.


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