Today is the last day of a week long preparation for Panchakarma. It has been an intense week. Emotions coming to the surface as my body began to rid of toxins.

I have been on a lot of fasts/detoxes in my life. The master cleanse annually for 2 – 3 weeks. Rice fasts, fruit fasts, even a 4 days fast with no food or water. None were as difficult as this fast is proving to be.

Panchakarma’s detox is not only no food but no computer, no internet, no phone, no reading, basically none of the addictions that come with a busy lifestyle. I am excited and can feel my nervous system already going into computer, internet detoxification. These are just about the last words I will write online for 10 days.

I will be back online, unless a whole new lifestyle emerges for me, and let you know my experience.

In the mean time I would love to hear about what kind of fasts you have been on, what was hard for you, what you liked, and what the outcomes were for you? Or what ever you want to share.

Much Love,