Do you feel you are stuck on a hamster wheel? Whining and complaining about the same things. Feeling a sense of helplessness and hopelessness.


Your mind has conceived of the illusion that you live in. What you think you believe is real!



The mind sees the past and projects onto the future.


Something bad will happen!!


You impose your own “gag” and limit your own freedom.


what will you choose?




And how can you free yourself?


It is your choice. Either your mind controls you, and others can control your mind!


Or you can choose to silence your mind and listen to your heart.


If we are ever going to be free of wars, prejudice, disease, slavery, child abuse, misogyny, corruption, inequity, poverty, famine, conflict….

It has to begin at home, with you. If you and your home are in conflict it will be impossible to resolve external conflict. If you do not Love, Forgive, have Gratitude, and are100% Responsible for yourself  then how will it be possible for Love, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Responsibility to manifest.

Begin today and change the world. SAY:

I LOVE YOU to yourself 100% of the time and see the miracles that happen.

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  1. so inspiring Terryann, You are on a role, I keep reading your posts over and over again!  You have touched my core,I know everything is possible! Angela


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