Today session of Ho’oponopono came up as a Universal wounding.
The Impossible:
 Children conceive of the impossible. Children think, feel, and are inspired to think everything is possible. It is drummed out of the child to think of all possibilities. When we remain the child we look eccentric, childlike, hence non-socialized. Socialization, rather than a respectful coming together and sharing, becomes a way to disrespect and drill out of us our individuality, individuating process, and our connection to the divine. The personal connection to divinity is a connection to our own inspiration, no matter how that looks to others.
For this I asked with the deepest sincerity to erase the disrespect of the child’s ability to conceive and create anything.
I am sorry
Please forgive me
I thank you
I love you.
And saw all of our childhood personalities co-mingling at a rapid speed.-those roles we could enter as children, come together and step beyond helplessness and hopelessness into the world of divine possibility.

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