Alexis in IrelandIn Loving Memory of my dear friend Alexis Ann Scott

February 17, 1958 – January 14, 2014.

Alexis lived and worked in Calgary. In recent years she spent much of her time in Kenya teaching Fundamentals, Access, and giving sessions.  She was profoundly touched by her experience in Kenya.  When in Nairobi her Access classes seemed to come together like magic, no advertising, no promoting.  Locals would travel for days to get to her class. Some had no shoes, while others had no money for transport. They would offer up a few coins, a King’s ransom, to pay for the class. She was deeply touched by their desire to do the work she loved so much.

On one of her first trips to Nairobi, Alexis gave a BodyTalk session to a baby elephant. She returned a year later to find that the elephant remembered her. I remember her face, innocent, and filled with the awe of a child. Kenya seemed to have filled her spirit in a profound way.

Alexis’s passion was BodyTalk, consciousness work, doing what it took to investigate self and the deeper meaning of life.

Alexis faithfully attended every IBA conference except, sadly, the last conference in Malta. Most of us will fondly remember Alexis for her sparkling blue eyes and infectious laugh. She was a statuesque presence that beamed a smile no matter how she felt. She had been diagnosed with MS years ago but BodyTalk had helped her go from a wheel chair to walking again. Her feet and hands still numb I can see her now carefully taking steps while she walked, or fumbled with a zipper or button, or patiently trying to grip a piece of paper to turn a page.  She loved BodyTalk and when she gave a session you knew you were in the presence of someone deeply present to the fabric of life.

Her presence will be felt at every conference and as part of BodyTalk and BreakThrough.  She was the living example of walking her talk.  Alexis you will be missed.


Terryann Nikides


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