Hawaiian Christmas
Hawaiian Christmas

We finally bring 2013 to an end.  I frankly won’t miss this year and that is a first for me!.

As I gaze into the future: 2014 is going to slowly shift the energies of 2013.  The first 6 months will be slow to change but at least they will change.

Those of you who found 2013 difficult take 2014 one day at a time. It will all pay off in the end.  Those who had success in 2013 will see a plateau for the first 6 months of 2014, a little reprieve from the chaos.

If you need a reading or sessions I will be back on the 6th. I will be heeding my own advice and taking January slowly too.

As usual online Skype sessions are easier to get than in person sessions. Just drop me a line at leurbanretreat@gmail.com and we can book a session for you.

My skype name is leurbanretreat.

Happy New Year to everyone!




  1. Hi TerryAnn, That session we had before Christmas on my Mom was really profound for me. I went to a Bodytalk later that day; my defences were down and that was a super powerful session as well. Over Christmas my Mother in Law didn’t bother me at all and she was out for several days. It was a major shift for me!

    Just curious what is a reading? Pam xo


  2. My Sweet,

    Sending you love and warm hugs! Didn’t care for ’13 (or ’12) much ;D, although I learned a lot from them.. and now whole heartedly welcoming 2014!

    My Dear, is everything ok? The past few weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about you.

    Had hoped to catch up for our tea, which had seemed so far away when we made the plans, but I think your trip extended, yes? Would you have time in Jan for a tea? The girls would love to see you as well. You might not recognize them ;))

    Also, please ignore the voicemail Lia left you, upon your return. Things fell into place soon after.

    Love and hugs in abundance my Dear!! R

    roya movafegh http://www.royamovafegh.com http://www.thepeoplewithnocamel.com


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