BreakThrough  is for the purpose of catalyzing the questioning process and self-enquiry. Learning how to ask very clear and concise questions is a powerful process. As adults our minds become very lazy and all we want are answers. We have become used to the idea that life is all about instant gratification and that makes our minds lazy.

One of the traits of the lazy mind is that we focus on answers. We either think we have all the answers or we think answers are going to solve all our problems. But problems are always an indication of unclear perception. Retrospectively we can often see this.

E.g. When a jig saw puzzle is in a thousand pieces it is a puzzle. When all the pieces have been fitted together and the picture is clear it is no longer a puzzle to be solved. The same goes for our problems, when we see them clearly there is nothing to be solved. Then practical action can happen – be it to do nothing or to do something.

The key is to ask questions that are not so much designed to bring about an answer as they are to take you to deeper questions. It is the questioning process that brings about our shifts in perspective.

Most times shifts in perspective are catalyzed by these questions. And along with these shifts in perspective the student will usually come to yet another question.

In other words, the clearer the questions the deeper the questioning process can go.

BreakThrough offers you something very unique. It isn’t a place where you come to get answers. It is a place where you have the possibility of being supported in the process of coming to deeper questions.

It is only through refining our questioning that we can come to see problems, conflicts for what they are. Then we can take practical action.


Esther Veltheim

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