I left the cold temperatures of Montreal to arrive a day later in the heat of  São Paulo, Brasil. As always, the heat of the sun and the people of Brasil transform my body and mind from the stressed contracted North American lifestyle to something so much more flexible and expanded. The abundance of  hugs and kisses or beijos of the locals warm the heart and open me up to the feminine energies here. The masculine is a powerful catalyst to pushing me into my feminine.

As I sit in my hotel room doing distance sessions, email correspondence and preparing to teach the next 4 days I meditate on how our lifestyles determine so much who we think we are. Every country has a different energy matrix that influences our bodies and minds. When I was young I would go to Greece and feel transformed. It became imperative to me that I had to find this feeling even whilst in North America. But every time I came home my body rigidified and I could feel my masculine pushing .. pushing.. pushing… me to do more.

Just being here for a 24 hours I have had two sessions. A massage with a Ukrainian Gentleman named Pedro and BodyTalk with Marcio Ribiero.  They both came to the same conclusion in separate sessions. My feminine needed to come out more! Wow I thought I had come to be more in my feminine but still she is veiled behind my masculine who pushes me so harshly.  Even as I become aware of her, my feminine, and how he, my masculine, pushes her I can feel a softening. A feeling that it is safe to be in my feminine.

This weekend will be the first time I teach with a male translator, Marcio.  As a Brazilian man he is forceful and directs his masculine strongly. It is hard for my feminine to resist the power he has to help me receive protection from the masculine. I look forward to seeing how how my feminine responds to being protected by the masculine whilst I work!

If any of you have stories to share about your feminine and masculine I would love to hear from you,


Beijinhos from Brasil.


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