I have been working whilst here in Moutsouna- today will be the beginning of 10 days of complete R and R.

This part of the Island is remote. 30 years ago it had no running water nor electricity. Today they have both but only one home with internet. A good friend, Manolis, has been kind enough to let me work at his home since I arrived.  The mountain blocks out some of the signals so I cannot even text message from here. Marvellous and at times frustrating.

The wind that runs through the Cyclades is blowing now, it confuses the mind – almost as though the Greek Gods have done it on purpose to play with our minds and bring out the best and the worst in us humans.

Despite the age of the internet and cell phones the Greeks on this island remain the same. Grunts of Kali Mera (good morning), the greek head nod and tsk of the tongue meaning no can still be heard. I even got into the habit again! The heat leaves you too lazy to say more.

The tomatoes are lovely and of course the thrill of a cold beer in the mid-day heat is just as wonderful as it was 30 years ago.

It is hard to resist this country and the people. They are welcoming and intimidating at the same time- at least for a greek-canadian.




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