Hope Everyone had a great weekend.

It was a great Nikides System Class and thank you Energii Studio for having us.

Group Session Monday Oct 17th at 7pm at Le Urban Retreat.

See you then.


    1. well,I think I got it now! when I forgot the keys last week, I left home in the morning, went through my day and realized only when I got back home that I did not have the keys with me. Vincent was away and I had to call the lady that helps me with the house to come and open me. I would have never experience how nice people can be when you ask for help (smth I am not really very keen to do).
      this is good hey?


      1. Amazing- it really hits home when we see how oblivious we are to all the wonderful things in life such as the kindness of others and oblivious got you there!!


  1. it was really good, thank you Terryann. Now, for tonight, if you can come up with a situation where “being stupid” is appropiate please let me know, I don’t seem to be able to.
    Is this a good way to use the blog? Is there another way?
    Love you all!


    1. Hi Maddalena,

      Thanks for starting this thread. I hope some others will come on with ideas. Stupid depends on what you mean by stupid so situations will differ for everyone.
      For myself “being stupid” is a great place to start when I am about to learn something new. I have no idea what to do so I come form a place of total ignorance (what stupid means to me) and then I am open to learning.

      It becomes obvious that if I am learning something new and I think I am smart and know it all then I won;t have any room to learn what I set out to learn.



      1. Ah! very nice thank you. What about when stupid means kind of “oblivious”? I can see that you can be oblivious of stuff that is going on around you and therefore not suffer from it, but can this be somehow appropriate?


      2. Interesting trail! Well, I went to find when stupid(ignorant)/oblivious is appropriate and I found exactly what Maddalena had posted as question already! Yes, I found that being “oblivious” is appropriate when unnecessary suffering or angst is avoided, particularly when we can’t do anything about what we are ignorant about. I think is appropriate!


      3. HI Martha,

        Thanks for your post. I am not sure I understood correctly: Are you saying that Avoidance is appropriate?
        It would seem inappropriate to avoid suffering or angst; Much like watching a child being hurt and remaining oblivious because we cannot do anything about it.



      4. No, in avoidance you see it and walk around it, you dismiss it. When ignorant or oblivious you don’t know it or see it. I actually thought about kids being oblivious (i.e. about their parent relationships issues) or the ill (i.e. not knowing what is going on around). In this case, oblivious is appropriate to avoid unnecessary suffering. I much agree that oblivious or avoidance is not appropriate in most cases! Let’s say, I was “oblivious” to the existence of my many blocks preventing me to have a fulfilling life, I THOUGHT I had a reasonable “happy” life. In this case, oblivious is certainly NOT appropriate, it was a clear avoidance and now I FEEL like the start of the underlying of those blocks (and yes, needless to say, it is creating suffering . . .).

        TGIF. Let’s be oblivious in the weekend, let’s go party 🙂
        Much love,


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