I hope everyone has been enjoying August so far. We talk a lot in our classes and sessions about full lives. What it means to each of us. What stops us from being able to live it. With Nikides System we examine the blocks that keep us from seeing the truth of our own abilities. And trust me, you all have that. You are all great in your own way. And that’s the trick isn’t it? One of the catches. In. Your. Own. Way.  Not someone else’s way, not the way your mother wanted you to be or maybe still does. Many of us go through life blindly following the latest trend. We’ve been guilty of this here at Urban Retreat too.  Thinking this is going to be the magic pill, book, lecture that will change my life. And sometimes you leave and the answers seem to clear. You convince yourself that right now, life is going to change. Then the following day arrives and maybe you are still feeling good but then “reality” sets in. That’s what we say when the idea falls to the wayside. I couldn’t because of x,y,z.  Well the truth is following your dreams, your path and your passions is work. Some of it hard, some of it less so but it is work. There is no magic. The work comes from taking all that you learn and applying it each day. Everyday even if just for five minutes. Because five becomes ten, because twenty and you get the idea.

Nikides System will help you with this, give you new tools to use and a new way of looking at those blocks that keep coming up. But the work is yours to do. Come to the class, have a session done, explore the options around you.

I came across a great blog post in a series of living an epic life. I’m sharing it here and I hope you find it as interesting as I do. That it gives you that moment to stop and pause and see what you truly deserve.

http://getbusylivingblog.com/6-bad-excuses-that-you-should-never-believe/Thanks Benny for this great post.

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