Nikides System

You will learn:

  • How to use the system on yourself and others. You can teach them how to use the system too!
  • How to question to deepen your use of the system.

Who is the Nikides System for?

Anyone! Including parents, family, friends, children,  clients, co-workers, employees, psychologists, therapists of any kind, alternative healers and practitioners.

What does the system do?

The Nikides System removes blocks to:

  • Love
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Dissatisfactions
  • Rigid expectations
  • And best of all sex!

How does the Nikides System Work?

  • Examines beliefs that are rigid and block your joy in life, success and abundance.
  • Nikides System is an 8 Part System.
  • In each part you answer questions that reveal your blocks to success in any part of your life.
  • Every part of the system reveals something new that alters your life.
  • The end result is that you will be able to see exactly what you were unable to do before AND NOW YOU ARE ABLE TO DO!


Our relationships often end in deadlocks. We find ourselves expecting the other to meet our needs resulting in an impasse. Our expectations become limitations in our relationships and how we communicate. We often communicate our needs defensively, closing our selves off from the very people that we love. The Nikides System will let you see the rigid expectations that lead to deadlocks in relationships and remove the blocks to communication in relationships. Once the blocks are removed you can hear the other without preconceptions and meet your needs without usurping the needs of others.


The Nikides System is a simple but very profound way to work with clients and their rigid and limiting beliefs.  You will be able to use the Nikides System in your practice as well as permitting the clients to continue their work at home.  The results are astounding. The client not only does the work on them selves but can help their family members shift their blocks further supporting the healing of the client and loved ones. The shift in the family relationships and family dynamics opens up a whole new clientele to the practitioner expanding exponentially your practice.


Cultural, familial, societal, and personal beliefs can become rigid roadblocks to our communication. When our beliefs become inflexible they hinder us from experiencing diverse cultures, family values, ad societies in an open way limiting communication with others.

Such limitations have far reaching effects on our relationships, love, work, money, careers, and everyday communication. We lose touch with experience life as it is: hold onto rigid patterns that cause us to miss opportunities.

The Nikides System is an easy and effective way to open up communication, brings flexibility and a richness to our culture, family, and society as a whole. Pleasure, success, and their subsequent rewards prevail.

Image and Insecurities:

We want to create an image of our selves to cover up our insecurities but have you ever seen a successful person who has not fallen on their face in some way. Often the more successful a person the more they will risk falling on their face. When we try and hold onto our image we limit possibilities in our lives by not taking risks for fear of what will happen to us.

This might be a strong statement:Self-Image is directly related to insecurity. If you think about it would you need to create and use energy to uphold your image if you fine with yourself, flaws and all? The energy we use to keep our image afloat could be used to experience more joy in life rather than creating and upholding an image that only limits us.

Insecurity is the number one block to getting everything you want in life. The Nikides System plows through the block that keeps you in your negative self-image.  The System releases the insecurity that keeps your rigid belief about yourself in place. Once the insecurity is released then you can go from limited possibility to opening up to what you need in life and getting it.


The Nikides System has obvious benefits for corporations and human relations. Dissatisfactions, resentment, disrespect, and inability to adapt to one’s role at work, lack of initiative are some of the blocks to performance, satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.  The Nikides System is fundamental to removing the blocks that waste time and resources in any corporation or business.

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