Does it feel like there are pieces of your life that are missing? That the thing you
want the most is what eludes you?

We have pieces of ourselves that we ignore and hide away. It’s those same pieces that you will explore in the Nikides System. See how it stop you from getting what you want. By examining them, you are that much closer to transforming your life to the one you have always imagined.

In Montreal – We will be having a series of classes working on various themes. You can join us for one or all of them. The first coming up is Relationships those with others as well as the relationship you have with yourself.

Coming up in the months ahead we will also have classes on Body Image, Parenting, Money and various others.

Every Monday at 1pm and 7pm you can also stop by Le Urban Retreat where Terryann will lead you through some exercises and you can practice and grow with the Nikides System.

Coming up May 13th and May 14th  – Relationships. Do you wonder why you are falling into the same patterns with lovers, family and friends? That you aren’t finding the relationships that are important to you? The course will explore those issues and shed light on the pieces of yourself that are stopping you for getting what you want.

Please contact Angela Soumalias  at for more details on upcoming courses or if you want to register. If you are not in the Montreal area and are interested in learning more about the Nikides System please drop us a line and we will be happy to explain more.

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