We all have masks, or characters, that we wear to relate in the world. Our masks help us meet our needs, such as, at work, at home with friends. Masks including those we use to hide away what we do not want others to see. Problematic are the masks do not feel comfortable nor meet our needs.

Why do some masks support us while others do not?

Why do I feel challenged when my mask is challenged?

Is my mask preventing me from: enjoying life, meeting my needs, or living life fully?

The purpose of this class is to examine our masks. We will see how our masks: work for us, feel tight, uncomfortable, and are hurting rather than supporting us.

This course is comprised of practical exercises and interactive discussions about our experiences. The exercises are designed to reveal how: we live into our masks; how we relate to others; and ourselves; we experience relating to the masks of others; and experience our masks a creative and loving way

If you would like to attend or host a Masks course please contact us at leurbanretreat@gmail.com

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