I am putting together a system to reveal aspects of the bodymind that we are not in touch with. What do you think of GateWay Method as the name of a system like that or The Way Out Method?

What thoughts do you have?

thanks for your feedback



  1. gateway method works fine for me. way out method evokes avoidance behavior for me and i don’t think that’s what your system is about 🙂


  2. the way out method niggles and naggles within … using this method … before breakthrough … kept me away from facing and speaking clearly to the people i needed to say no or back off to … having taken breakthrough with you … using the way out method is wearing and tells me clearly that i am behaving cowardly … using the way out method feels as though i am sitting on a wobbly see-saw …


  3. Yes I like Gateway. I have the impresion of being let in or accessing new ways. Also gives an aspect of adventure or exploration. Yup sounds Kool.


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