Here I am again in Hong Kong! The journey always proves to be one where I am thrown into an abyss and by some miracle a hand comes and pulls me out just in time!

I am staying in one of the signature high rise apartments that are seen throughout Hong Kong’s skyline. Though luckily enough I am staying on one of the outter Islands away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong’s central and Kowloon districts. The Island is Discovery Bay or DB as it is more commonly known.

I have been teaching BreakThrough and Tarot in different locations around the city to receptive and loving audiences!

I am now searching for a location to finally take a long awaited vacation! It has been 10 years since I have take a real vacation just for me. Of course I promise to catch up on my work and contact some of you that I have neglected. So Vacation yes and a bit of work in any case.

Love from Hong Kong

Remember that january 9and 10 2010 in SoHo Hong Kong I will be teaching BreakThrough 1 again!! Hope to see some of you there!


    1. THank you Mellie!! I was just talking about you and teaching BodyTalk Access today with some of our BodyTalk colleagues in Hong Kong. Are you going to go for it?
      love and hugs – Happy New Year!!


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