Where is Terryann Now!

I am in Hong Kong doing BreakThrough, BodyTalk and Tarot sessions online with people from all over the world!! Technology is almost as wonderful as energy work!


If anyone wants a session from the beautiful Island of Discovery Bay  in Hong Kong just let me know- I have some spaces left and so far all the sessions from here have been very powerful and profound.


Also I am doing the BreakThrough group on Skype – Monday at 7pm for Montrealers

Hong Kong Time will be: Tuesday at 8am –

Everyone is welcome to be online just download skype for free and add me to your list.

My skype name is Terryann Nikides


love to all

Terryann Nikides

Singapore- A place in my heart forever!

Hello Everyone,


I was in Singapore teaching BreakThrough at the awakening touch clinic- Marcio Ribiero’s clinic.  Wow what a great experience. Marcio, as always, was a wonderful host and enthusiastic student as were all of the students in the course.

Singapore seemed to bring out the most gentle and profound places in the darkness of the psyche that need awakening. I will always remember Singapore as a place of gentleness and deep wisdom for me.  I would like to thank all the students for bringing this work to Singapore and for adding their energy to the BreakThrough matrix.  I feel enriched to have spent time with these wonderful people!

Thank You


Terryann Nikides