My Experiment Update

My Experiment Update:       My last blog post on my experiment was the 26th of January. At that point the pain returned with a vengeance and did not let up. I kept getting worse and worse. I was desperate, crying constantly from the pain, basically horrible. By April 9th my MD appointment was […]

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BodyTalk Series on Sexual Abuse

3 Group BodyTalk Sessions on Sexual Abuse.   We will work through Active Memory of the abuse as well as subsequent active memories that have ingrained the trauma, BodyChemistry – STD’s, genital health, self-empowerment, love of sexuality and sensuality.   If you have specifics you want me to know please write to me directly at: […]

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2020 BreakThrough South Africa

Payment using the following links  will be in Canadian Dollars. You can transfer the payment to if you prefer to pay in Rand directly from your PayPal account using friends and family transfer.       For 90 days in advance payment by Nov 30, 2018:     For Payment 30 days in advance of […]

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Boundaries: 4 Group BodyTalk Sessions

Boundaries: 4 Group BodyTalk Sessions Our boundaries are elusive and easily transgressed. To resolve the latter we feel the need to “establish” boundaries transforming them into defenses. Defenses are very antithesis of alive boundaries: defenses are stymied, dead, and rigid. We are part of nature and just as nature alters so do we. “Setting” boundaries […]

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