Day 66: My Experiment

Day 66: My Experiment Sept 20, 2018  Photo by Geralt on Pixabay Brain function has increased once again. Post teaching for 4 days I usually have several days of brain fog and decrease the amount of sessions I give. I actually increased the work load though careful not to overdo. The diet along with the […]

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Day 65: My Experiment

Day 65: My Experiment Sept 19, 2018  Photo by Victoria_Borodinova on Pixabay It is pretty incredible that this is day 64. As I look back I marvel at the progress. In the past 6 years once a course was done I could hardly function. Sleeping, sleeping, more sleeping, brain fog, and inability to move. Yesterday […]

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BreakThrough 1: List of courses for 2018-2019 Click here: BreakThrough 1 For my journey click here For more about Terryann click here. BreakThrough is experiential. It is an interactive process that evolves as you do the work. The pre-programming and pre-conditioning you received in childhood are the operating systems that run through your connectome. You […]

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Day 64: My Experiment

Day 64: My Experiment Sept 18, 2018   Photos by Free-Photos on Pixabay The last 4 days of teaching has shown me how much I have healed in only a few months. I had the energy of a younger me. I used to do the work into the wee hours of the night. I was able […]

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Day 63: My Experiment

Day 63: My Experiment Sept 17, 2018  Photo by Geralt It’s incredible but today is day 3 of teaching and my legs work! Oh joy of bliss to be able to move and do the work I love. I added eggs, cheese and some whipping cream to my day and I am feeling amazing. The […]

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Day 62: My Experiment

Day 62: My Experiment Sept 16, 2018 Photo by Gellinger Amazing day yesterday. The TENS, one aspirin, and my legs started working after a few hours after waking. I am very impressed. I have not felt so good after a day of class since 2011! Up this morning and feel nice an flexible-well flexible for […]

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Day 61: My Experiment

Day 61: My Experiment Sept 15, 2018   Photo By Zac Frith I am a holy mess from the hips down. I lifted grocery bags and moved furniture for the course this weekend. Well as you can imagine my legs are sticks again and in pain.  I am quite flabbergasted as I have done more other […]

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