Day 92: My Experiment

Day 92: My Experiment Oct 16, 2018  Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay A cool morning that gets down into the bones, achy today but feeling good. The weather helps to slow down and reduce “stimuli”. As an HSP my senses are over-stimulated easily. Quiet and rest are necessary to reboot the system.  I love the […]

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Day 91: My Experiment

Day 91: My Experiment Oct 15, 2018 Photo by Kellepics Good Morning Folks. Not much change on my end. Peg reminded me that I need to slow down-thank you Peg. Sometimes the obvious isn’t obvious. I watched The Little Mermaid with a friend yesterday.  Ursula, the devouring or vampire Mother, takes Ariel’s voice. The feminine, […]

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Day 89: My Experiment

Day 89: My Experiment Oct 13, 2018   Photo by Greyerbaby on Pixabay Ran a bunch of errands yesterday and my legs were out for the count. A little better this morning but the burning sensation continues as I write. Today I am praying for some changes and get some rest. I think I have […]

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Day 88: My Experiment

Day 88: My Experiment Oct 12, 2018  Photo by Sonnestrahl on Pixabay It has been a long week. Time for a little break. I am going to test my legs a little later today and do some shopping for essentials- we are parsing out dental floss in tiny segments, ugh! I have a new computer […]

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Day 87: My Experiment

Day 87: My Experiment Oct 11, 2018 Some great news! I had a massage yesterday and I could take a lot more pressure. Usually the movement of my legs from side to side causes the muscles to resist, this time NOT! Oh joy oh bliss, despite the apparent set back the legs have significant improvement […]

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