No matter how isolated you are and how lonely you feel, if you do your work truly and conscientiously, unknown friends will come and seek you. ~Carl Jung citing an Alchemist, Letters Vol II, Page 595.

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Summer Advanced Tarot Course

Summer Advanced Tarot Course   Register by Clicking on the PayPal Button: For other forms of payment contact:   Day: Every Monday in July (2,9,16,23, 30), 2018 Time: 6PM-9PM Course will cover: Review of the numbers and suits Review of the Major Arcana Interaction between the court cards Readings Study […]

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The Devil XV

Monday June 4, 2018 The Devil  XV The Devil or Lucifer offers you the light. When you avoid the light you then make a bargain with the Devil. You are volitionally blind and you know that cannot be good. Today watch for the signs, the devil is vying for your attention. Do you blame others? […]

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3 Group Sessions: Circulatory System

3 Group BodyTalk Sessions on the Circulatory System Starts tomorrow. Sign up now if you want to be part of these sessions Enjoy the reduced price of $45CDN High Blood Pressure Varicose veins Clots Virus Anemia/Iron And more. If you have any specific problems you want addressed related to the circulatory system you are welcome […]

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3 Group Sessions for your Teeth

Our amazing teeth have got to last a lifetime, with stand our vulnerabilities, maybe too much sugar or genetic weaknesses.Oral infections can affect our hearts.  We can been vulnerable to cavities.Our oral micro-biome should  be healthy and strong. What ever the case might BodyTalk supports our oral hygiene.   Join me for 3 online group […]

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